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Angela Evans is an author, evangelist, award winning inspirational speaker, songwriter, a former talk radio broadcaster on Glory Network, and Founder/CEO of Young Women with Purpose. Evans is also the author of 'Path to Still Waters: A Book of Devotionals’.


Angela is known for her passionate work to share the Word of God, not in a conventional way but by being honest and transparent about her life. She shares how her relationship with God helps her in daily life and encourages people to    establish a relationship of their own.  

"Serving God in Every Aspect of My Life" -Angela Evans

Host of "Finding God's Path to Still Waters"


Angela, The Speaker

Angela is a well sought out speaker who has spoken at various educational, religious, and empowerment events.  Angela covers the topics of parenting, relationships, personal peace and more. 

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Radio Host/Speaker

Path To Still Waters Vol.1 is a 28 day Book of Devotionals made up of 4 Chapters; Acceptance; Repentance; Forgiveness and Thanksgiving. Considered to be an "Easy Read", this Book of Devotionals takes up less than 10 mins out of anybody's day. Purchase Today

Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life. It's up to us as individuals to Move Forward. In this collection, "Rebuilding Your Life Going Forward," eleven writers come together to share their stories, fiction and non-fiction. This anthology will inspire you to Move Forward. Purchase Today

 Rebuilding Your Life Going Forward, Contributing Author

 Path to Still Waters, Vol. 1, Author 

Journey to Connecting with God, Author

A 30- day book of devotionals tailored to assist individuals who desire to grow closer to God. For one to develop a relationship with God not based on traditions, other's beliefs of who and what God is but one of their own. 

NEW: Journey to Connecting with God Journal

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Angela's Books


Young Women With Purpose


 "Inspiring & Encouraging Young Leaders of Tomorrow"


Angela Evans is the Founder & CEO of Young Women With Purpose (YWWP), a non-profit organization that services girls 8-18 years of age. Through providing workshops, hosting events and exposing girls to things outside of their neighborhoods, Young Women With Purpose primary goal is to Empower, Encourage and Inspire young girls to accept their challenges while making the best out of every situation regardless of how unfortunate circumstances may be.


We are overcomers and strive to be living examples teaching girls how to become the same.

(program no longer active)


Young Women with Purpose
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